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Hey there! Welcome to my onlineshop & education area – Find everything you need to empower your business in the wedding industry, various presets, mobile presets, courses and marketingtools. Are you ready to push yourself to the limits and break new ground? I’m here to help you grow!



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Old ways don't open new doors

Are you stuck in a rut? Get a feeling of doing all the things and it’s still not enough? Are you unhappy with your editing, your photos or your overall situation? Do you work inefficiently and sell your work under value or are you still waiting for your dream clients and you just have no idea how to change your situation? Believe me – I feel you! I’ve been to this point already and I want to help you out of this – It’s time for a change, because this is not how things need to be! It’s all in your hand – Courage is the power to let go of the familiar – I’m here to help so let’s get this thing starteeeed!


“Being an entrepreneur means turning a passion into business. It’s about waking up and doing what you love, about freedom and about living your dream but also about letting go of fear and about hard work! It means to be the boss – In good times and in bad.”
I’m a believer – I believe that no dream is too big and no way too far, so I’ve always followed my heart and worked hard to achieve my goals – Today I can say that I live exactly the life I have always wanted – With all the good and all the bad. I’m an entrepreneur since 2014, I work as a fulltime destination wedding photographer and coach. My brand is based on honesty and integrity and it’s my passion to be creative, to tell stories about love and live but also to help others living THEIR dream. That’s why I share my experience in my workshops and coachings, created various preset bundles and marketing tools and finally launched my english speaking online education I’ve been working on for months now! I LOVE to share everything I know about the wedding industry and about entrepreneurship, branding and marketing with you, so if you’re ready to get empowered, let’s get this thing strted!