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AURA Retouch & Editing Brushes Vol. 1

In this bundle you get 30 retouch- and editing brushes for Lightroom. Give your images the WOW effect you always wanted to knock your clients’ socks off! I work with these brushes by myself and couldn’t imgine my editing without them.

Some of the brushes are distributed across my Aura Lightroom Presets Bundles, but this bundle includes a lot of additional brushes, you won’t find in my preset bundles. If you already own one or more of my Aura preset bundles, you get -20% off this bundle by using the code “aura20” at the checkout.

What’s inside?

  • 30 Lightroom Brushes (18 Retouch Brushes und 12 Editing Brushes)
  • 1 installation manual
  • A warm welcome to the „Vicky Baumann Presets Community“ group on Facebook
  • Brushes: Blonde Hair, Bouquet Highlighter, Brighten, Caramel Skin, Crisp Detail, Darken, Darken Background, Dramatic Eyes, Dress Highlighter, Intense Lashes, Intense Sunset, Lace Intense, Lightflare, Male Skin, Rouge Bronze, Rouge Peach, Silky Hair, Silky Hair Intense, Soft + Caramel Skin, Soft Lips, Soft Skin, Soft Skin + Brighten, Soft Skin + Darken, Soft Skin Intense, Soft Window Light, Sparkle, Sunflare, Tanned Skin, Tattoo Love, White Teeth





Vorher – Nachher

Notice: Not all brushes are shown below.
All images were edited with my Aura presets before, which you can find here


Soft Skin, Silky Hair, Crisp Detail, Lace Intense, Darken Background


Intense Sunset, Bouquet Highlighter, Blonde Hair, Lace Intense, Soft Skin


Crisp Detail, Soft Lips, Soft Skin + Brighten, Soft Skin + Darken, Intense Lashes, Dramatic Eyes, Male Skin


Soft Skin, Darken, Brighten, Tattoo Love