o Customize your template with the help of our video tutorial

o EVERYTHING is easily and 100% customizable with drag-and-drop

o No programming or design knowledge required

o Website launch within a few days

o Achieve a professional and aesthetically pleasing end result


No existing website:

o Create Wix Studio Premium Account

o Select the package that best fits your needs

Website with an external provider:

o Seamless transition of hosting will occur once your new website is ready

Website with Wix:

o Create your new website first

o Transfer the existing premium package to the new website

o Upgrade directly to Wix Studio from there.


o Select from 3 design collections as the basis for your new website

o Optionally expandable with complementary pricing and wedding guide templates based on Canva

o Further customization available with the Scrapbook customer gallery template (more details in the products)

o Catering to every style





Watch our introductory video, where our Wix Studio expert, Sarah, walks you through all the features in the Wix Studio Editor, demonstrating how effortlessly and swiftly you can create and launch your own website within days using our website templates.




1. Do I need programming or coding skills to

work with the website templates?

7. What about the Corporate Design Bundles?

We offer matching pricing guide and wedding guide templates for each of the three website template designs to provide you with a unified corporate design. Of course, you can also customize everything here to match your website design. The guide templates are Canva-based, meaning you don't need paid design software, and a free Canva account is sufficient.

No. The templates work completely without the need for you to program. Everything is intuitively customizable through drag and drop - so you don't need any prior knowledge or technical skills. The process is somewhat reminiscent of Canva.

2. What can I change in the design?

8. Is there a guide for working with the template?

Simply EVERYTHING. You have 100% flexibility in designing and can change and redesign all colors, fonts, design elements, the position of elements, and even the order of blocks through drag and drop as you wish. At any time, you also have the opportunity to create and add pages or elements yourself.

Yes, there is a comprehensive video tutorial where we explain step by step how to work with your template and customize it to your corporate design. In the Wix Studio Academy, you'll also find many helpful pieces of information and instructions if something doesn't work. Additionally, there is a launch checklist that you can use as a guide.

3. On which system are the templates based

and what do I need for it?

The templates are based on Wix Studio. Wix Studio is the brand-new, professional web creation platform from one of the largest website builder providers in the world. Wix Studio offers you a convenient all-in-one solution where you don't need an external domain, hosting, or a foreign CMS. To use our templates, you only need a Wix Studio Premium Account and a standard package at a total price of just under €24.00 per month (including hosting, domain, maintenance, customer support, etc.).

9. Do you offer support?

There is a video tutorial, a launch checklist, and optionally a strategy call including setup and migration service that you can book with your purchase. You also have the opportunity to contact Wix customer service at any time, which provides German-speaking customer support. For technical questions or issues not directly related to the templates, Wix is your contact.

10. Do I have a right of return?

4. Can I keep my old domain for use with the new template?

Digital products are generally excluded from exchange. Once you have been granted access to the template, there is no way to return the product. However, on the product page, you will find a demo page that precisely shows you what the template looks like. So, you are not buying blindly.

Yes, absolutely! The domain can be smoothly and easily transferred to Wix Studio. We also offer a 30-minute strategy call including setup service, which you can book directly with us, so you only need to replace your images, colors, and texts.

5. How long does it take until my website is ready?

11. Can I optimize my new website for SEO?

Das kommt ganz darauf an, wie viel du an deinem Template verändern möchtest. Wenn du nicht das komplette Design umschmeisst, ist deine Seite locker in wenigen Tagen fertig für den Launch. Veränderst du sehr viel am bestehenden Design kann es natürlich auch mal länger dauern.

Absolutely! Wix Studio has impressive SEO power that makes your website visible on Google in no time - the ticket to more bookings from your dream customers. Our free SEO guide, included in the package, provides not only the necessary know-how but also the key to all important insider information on this topic. Additionally, the Wix Studio subscription includes an integrated SEO guide that delves even deeper into the subject and an SEO assistant that guides you step by step in creating a perfectly SEO-optimized website. Nothing can go wrong!

10. What happens after the order?

After the purchase, you will receive an email with a download link. In the folder, you will find the Free SEO Guide, a Branding Kit, and the introductory video tutorial. At the latest, 48 hours later, you will receive an email invitation to your template in the Wix Studio Editor, and you can start working right away. In the meantime, you can create an account at Wix Studio.

Website Template Design reimagined in the Wix Studio Editor by YES WEBDESIGN